Arboretum je otevřeno od 1.4 - 30.10.
Tuesday - Sunday 9 - 18 hod.
In holidays and in summer and Monday 9 - 18 hod.
About the location of the Paseka arboretumThe Paseka Arboretum is located in the foothills of the Nízky Jeseník Mountains in the Central Moravia, about 25 km north of Olomouc. As well as the slopes of a low creek, the arboretum is oriented to the southwest, thus ensuring a perennial climate that protects plants from freezing in winter.
Sales of perennials and rocks Plants grown in our own growing substrate with a large proportion of basalt rubbish. Plants create much more compact dense shapes. The basal dust-free germs, excellently permeate water, provide plants with all the nutrients besides nitrogen.
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